Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Guidelines for Electricity, Water and Towel usage during your stay


The entire beach area around Villa Mateo is a green zone. Electricity is very expensive and we ask you to be aware of this and act accordingly.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is available in every bedroom and in the living areas on the bottom floor of Villa Mateo. Please use these air conditioners judiciously. Turn the A/C on when needed and off as soon as you leave the room or no longer feel the need to cool the air. Set the remote control thermostat at 22 degrees or higher.

Leaving the front door and windows open and opening the windows on the ocean side of the house are usually sufficient to cool the lower floor. It is also very pleasant to listen to the sounds of the ocean as you relax in the living areas. The same holds true for the bedrooms. It is very relaxing to fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping against the seawall.

Please close every window and door in the area where you are using the A/C units. This allows the area to cool quickly and saves both electricity as well as wear and tear on the equipment.

Please turn off all the A/C units when you leave the house. These units can be turned on as soon as you return and they will quickly cool off the room when needed.

Drinking Water

A reverse osmosis water purification system is installed beneath the sink in the kitchen area. We use this water for drinking and cooking and it is attached to the refrigerator for ice and water thru the door.

If you prefer, bottled water is provided for you to drink and for cooking. Do not drink the water from any source other than the bottled water or RO system on the sink and in the refrigerator door.

Showers and Bathroom Water

The water at Villa Mateo is stored in a "cisterna." The showers and bathroom water is from this cisterna. This water is limited and costly to replace. It is chlorinated and filtered and is fine to bathe in or brush your teeth. Please be mindful of this when using the water.  Do not drink this water.


Villa Mateo is built with modern plumbing pipes and is connected to a large septic tank. You may flush toilet paper down the toilets in normal quantities. Please make sure the toilet stops running in a reasonable time after you flush it. If not, simply jiggle the handle to get the flapper to seal properly.


Towels are provided for bathing and additional beach towels are available for swimming in the ocean or one of the swimming pools on the property. We ask that you hang up each of these towels and allow them to dry naturally. If you need towels replaced, simply ask one of the staff. By reusing the towels, much water and electricity is saved.