Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a rental car to stay at Villa Mateo?

Yes, a rental car is a necessity. The Villa is about 20 minutes south of the Cancun airport and a 10 minute drive from the town square in Puerto Morelos. Your rental car will allow you to visit many of the area attractions easily. There are many car rental companies at the airport and nearby. 

Is Taxi Service Available?

The nearest taxi stand is at the H10 Ocean Coral & Turquesa hotel, 1 mile from Villa Mateo. You can call for a taxi or have the caretaker call for you. The taxi stand phone number is (998) 939-3041. Uber and Lyft are not available in the Puerto Morelos area.

How do I reserve Villa Mateo?

Contact us via phone, email or the contact form on the website to inquire about the dates you are interested in. Once availability is established, we will email you a rental agreement. Fill out the rental agreement and return it along with the deposit of $500 ($1000 for Holiday weeks) to hold the reservation. Mail the rental fee to us 45 days before the reservation date.

Is there a rental contract?

Yes. Here is a copy of the rental contract.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the utilities at Villa Mateo?

Here are guidelines for the use of electricity, water and towels during your stay.

Are there places to eat?

Puerto Morelos is home to more than 40 restaurants. We have never had a bad meal at any of these restaurants.

Where can I buy groceries?

We usually rent a car at the airport and drive to Sam's and Walmart for groceries on our way to the villa. Just turn left (toward Cancun) instead of right on 307. Sam's and Walmart are about 5 km. Go past the stores on your left and then make a U turn at the returno to come back to the shopping center where these stores are located. Shop and then return on 307 toward Puerto Morelos/Playa del Carmen/Tulum. 

Check under directions for further details.

There is also a new grocery store in Puerto Morelos called Chedraui. It is a full-sized grocery store with lots of selection including beer and wine. It is located in the port area near the Mayan crafts market. There are 2 Oxxo convenience stores in Puerto Morelos.

Where can I get my laundry done?

There are several laundry services in Puerto Morelos as well as a  laundry service "Rush" beside the Super Aki grocery store, off Highway 307. We have used the Rush laundry service with good results. 1 day service is normally available.


Is there a bank in Puerto Morelos?

No, there is not a bank in the port. There are a number of ATM machines and a money changing booth. All are located near the town square. There is a bank, called CI Banco, just beside the Chedraui grocery store in the colonia on Highway 307 and a Bancomer near the Super Aki grocery store as you enter the Puerto Morelos colonia off highway 307. You will need a passport to exchange money at the bank. There is also an ATM machine outside the banks that will allow you to get pesos after hours.

Cover the keypad with your free hand when entering your PIN number. We have had our debit card used without our permission in Mexico. The thieves are able to electronically steal your card number and observe you entering your PIN number via a small wireless camera. This is most common at isolated ATM machines. Given the choice, use an ATM in a manned location. There is a 7-11 in the village by 307 that offers an ATM inside the store. The new Chedraui grocery store (in the Colonia, off 307) also has ATM machines.

Do I need to pay for things with the Mexican peso?

Most stores and restaurants in Puerto Morelos will accept US dollars. In most instances you will save money by paying in Mexican pesos. Most of the Pemex gas stations are accepting US dollars and credit cards. We recommend that you use the ATM machines in town to get some pesos...just makes life a little easier.

Which credit cards are widely accepted?

MasterCard and Visa are accepted at most of the larger stores in Cancun. Credit Card policy seems to change on a regular basis even at the larger stores. Sam's Club accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Costco accepts several types of credit cards (unlike in the US.) Walmart (Superama) accepts MasterCard and Visa. A few stores and restaurants in Puerto Morelos accept credit cards, ask first. Be sure to call your credit card company before your trip and let them know when you will be in Mexico and for how long.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No, you do not. While Spanish is the native language here, many of the locals speak English very well. You can usually get to where you want or buy what you want speaking English. If not, just ask for help, the people of the Yucatan are very friendly!

What time zone is Puerto Morelos on?

Puerto Morelos and Cancun are on the Eastern Time Zone. Daylight savings time is not observed. 

What is the current exchange rate?

Click here to see how many pesos your dollar will buy.

What are the Mexican Holidays?

Here are the holidays celebrated in Mexico.

Where is the nearest hospital emergency room?

Amerimed is located just South of the Mall of the Americas in Cancun. Follow 307 into Cancun which then becomes Tulum Avenue. Look for the hospital sign just before the mall on the right.