Hi, we're Shirley & Eddie Bell, the owners of Villa Mateo. We work and live in Lubbock Texas and come down to Puerto Morelos as often as we can. Our self-storage business in Lubbock is called Storage Zone. We've been in the storage business here since 1991.

Having grown up and raised our family on the plains of Texas we've learned to love the warm breezes and wonderful sounds of the ocean we enjoy from our Mexican home.

We've traveled all over the USA as well as to Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras and many others. After looking for years for a second place to call home, we found the village we love on our first visit to Puerto Morelos in 2010. Finally, in early 2013, we were able to buy the oceanfront home we'd always dreamed of. 

We look forward to your stay with us and hope you love Villa Mateo and Puerto Morelos, the little fishing village by the sea...and everything else, as much as we do.

                                                             Until we meet,

                                                             Vaya con Dios

                                                                       Shirley & Eddie Bell