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Villa Mateo TV Remote Controls

Pictured above are the Dish Network and Sharp TV remote controls. To turn on the TV, push the small red button on the Dish Network remote labeled "TV." To turn on the Dish reciever, push the large red button above the TV button.

The TV must be on the correct HDMI input for each device. Normally, it is on the HDMI input for the Dish receiver. If not, push the "Input" button on the Sharp TV remote control and change HDMI inputs until the Dish screen appears. The Dish Network receiver is located on HDMI 1, the Roku player is on HDMI 2 and the DVD player is on HDMI 3.

You must press the "Volume Up" button on the Dish Receiver remote control to turn the sound bar on.

To watch a DVD, turn on the DVD player and then push the "Input" button on the Sharp TV remote, then go to HDMI 2. The DVD Player remote control is not pictured here. Once you have the TV on and the correct HDMI input selected the DVD remote is self-explanatory.

If there is no sound, push the volume up button on the Dish remote. If that does not work, make sure that the sound bar beneath the TV is turned on.

Please do not change any of the wiring on the TV, Satellite receiver or DVD. They are wired properly.